Sunday, July 22, 2018

CATCHING UP!! July 22, 2018

 So my daughter thinks I should start blogging on a more regular basis again.  (Above) This is Wyatt at my mom's house today in Des Moines celebrating his parents' birthdays.  That's his grandpa John behind him.  Wyatt is almost 6 months old now!  
 This is my nephew's daughter, Adeline, with her mom, Elysce.  She's 10 months old and has a mouthful of teeth already....
 That's Olivia on the left (our granddaughter), Harper (my great-niece) and Audrey (also another great-niece).  Harper is the oldest but they are all three about 4 1/2 years of age.  They were in our boat on Little Wall Lake on June 30th.   They didn't have to coach them into smiling---they had a great time on the boat and on the tube!
These are our grandsons at Little Wall Lake on June 30th hanging out while the bigger kids got to go boating...  That's Max on the left (10 months old) and Wyatt on the right.
Wyatt was baptized on July 1st at our church in Stanhope.  This is after the ceremony and lunch before they were leaving our house...  From left:  Samantha (Wyatt's mom, our daughter) with Wyatt, John with Max, and Marty with Olivia (Marty and Sam are married).  Olivia and Max belong to my son, Alex, and his wife, Allison, who is on the really far right side of the picture.  (They were gathering things to go home!)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Dad!!

 My dad turned 88 yesterday (2/15/2018) and this is him last Sunday holding the newest great-grandchild, Wyatt (Sam and Marty's new baby, born 5 weeks early on 1/30/2018).
 It was a baby-admiring weekend in Des Moines last weekend when Alex/Allison brought their two kids (Olivia, who turned 4 last Saturday, and five-month old Max) to Iowa to meet Wyatt.  (My mom is on the left, Sam, holding nephew Max and Allison holding her nephew Wyatt.)
 Grandpa John and 'his boys'; Max and Wyatt
 The youngest Great-grandchildren:  Max, Adeline (5 months old), Olivia and Wyatt.
Adeline and Wyatt.... there's a little difference in size, too (and age....).

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!

 It's a little bit of a white Christmas.

Miss Adeline (grand-niece) resting up before she opens her Christmas presents at Mema's (my mom's) house yesterday. 
 Joe (my nephew) getting a sign to add to his Cubs collection.  (That's Elycse in the chair, and they are Adeline's parents.)
Ben got the same sign--we ARE a family of Cubs fans!!! (Ben is my nephew, and Kylie is his wife, sitting in the chair.)

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