Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Izaac coming to Camp today.

This is a 23-second video of Noel (safely inside) kicking at Queen, who is sitting 'regally' outside. Queen is trying NOT to pay any attention to the 'weakest link', but you can see she looks over several times to make sure she's safe (on the outside of the door).

Izaac coming to camp for a couple of days. I hope I can keep up with him. He's a bundle of energy lately. (I am getting close to OLDER, you know.)

1 comment:

23 Things said...

I thought you already reached "old"--happy birthday! :-)

Talked to Grandma Jean tonight--sounds like they had a good time in FL. Thanks for getting them there!

Cute pic of Michelle and the Big I boy.

Many, many happy returns!

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