Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ann Walker Smalley in MN!

I think I can show this picture of Ann and her cousin, Maria, on the train ride in Boone in July (in Iowa) here. If not, you can click on the Flickr site and look for her in some of the sets.

I'm guessing Ann is on her day-hunting job, associated with books and learning and curriculum and computers. I couldn't find her picture in a blog she set up for librarians in MN, 23 things on a stick, but I think it used to be there somewhere. Oh well....

It's MONDAY and I think I caught the creeping crud (sore throat, stuffy head) thing Izaac was battling last week.

1 comment:

Ann's MILI Blog said...

Thanks! And, someone from my past tracked me down through this blog. Cool!

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