Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Christmas is Paintin' the Town"

When it was first introduced, I enjoyed the Oakridge Boys Christmas music from 1982, and it doesn't seem like the Christmas season without hearing the music again. When Alex was 2 (1988, he was born 1/20/86) he REALLY liked this particular song, because HE could sing the 'la la la la's' himself.

Every year after that (until we got headphones so he could listen to it himself without the whole house hearing the same song over and over and over....) we had to limit the playing of that song to the day AFTER Thanksgiving (I think he would have listened to it all year 'round that first year he discovered it), until Christmas.

Fortunately, he did learn to sing other songs (he loved to imitate Billy Joel and Huey Lewis--especially "It's Hip to be Square") and then the Disney movie tunes; "Beauty and the Beast" and Aladdin were two of our favorites (his sister's by then, too).

The picture above was taken last weekend in Jewell (IA) in their 'downtown' area. I think the moon added something mystical to this picture (even though it's a little out of focus).

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Baumhover Adventures said...

so i definately introduced the office to the oak ridge boys and they couldnt believe i even knew who they were or that they existed but now its all we listen to in the office!! thanks mom!

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