Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miscellaneous...and 114 days to the first wedding!

A nice view to the west the other night about 5:15pm. (Neighbor's barn, etc.)

A fat male pheasant against the snow. They're very skitty, so up-close photos are almost impossible (full-out lens on this camera). (For Marty)

The bunnies who eat on the patio at night (with all the kitties watching). (For our cat fans!)

A stack train last Friday near Jordan (Iowa). (For Mike!)

I bought get-rid-of-the-wrinkles cream, but haven't used it much. Do you think if I apply it a couple times a day it would reverse my age in general==or would I just LOOK 20 years younger?


Mike said...


Poppy Q said...

I never believe the wrinkle cream hype.

The pictures are great. Poor little bunnies must get cold toes in all that snow.

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