Monday, May 17, 2010

Bogart helps John start the boat motor....

It's hard to see from this picture, but Bogart is sitting on top of the cab of the pickup while John started it in the back yard (with the hose going through the engine so it doesn't burn up).

Then Bogie decided he'd get a little closer to John so he jumped down to the cover on the pickup. The boat motor was really loud, so I was surprised when Bogie got that close.

John and Bogart daydreaming of actually taking the boat to the lake on a warmer day! (Soon, hopefully!)


Poppy Q said...

Bogart, you are a good helper. I bet your dad enjoys having you there. Wishing you lots of sunshine and warmth, and hope you get the boat in the water soon.

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

Bogart LOVES to sleep on John's pillow (while John is using it...). Thanks for sending some sun, because it apparently will show up for the weekend (dreary today).

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