Sunday, December 26, 2010

It WAS a Merry Christmas!!

'Over the river and through the woods' (Briggs Woods!) to Grandmother's house we go.... that's what happened on the 24th. White-out snow conditions and slow-going, but we made it!

Samantha opening her Christmas sock gifts and posing for her dad (it's HER camera he's holding, though!).

I think there should still be some 'childish' fun things to do---even though ALL the grandchildren are over 21 at this house!!!

Will shows off the gifts he received in his Christmas sock!

Lucy, licking her lips after enjoying her Christmas tuna treat!

Will (who spent 5 months this year 'studying' in Australia!) helping re-attach wallpaper to Grandma's wall guidance and direction from his mom (Kathy).

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