Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Friday with snow flurries...

We usually have a red-tailed hawk in our neighborhood, but the bird I've been seeing lately is much bigger than the hawk. I can't decide what kind of bird it is, and when I get the camera, it disappears in a hurry (well, it soars off to a tree or the field very gracefully).

Anybody have a theory on what kind of bird is in the picture? My hubby has only seen it in the distance, but found some pictures of baby eagles that look similar (since we have had eagles in the yard and across the road from us in the past).

It's been snowing very slowly and peacefully since yesterday afternoon, and we have a couple of inches so far.

This is Georgy, heading for the bushes so he can hide and try and capture one of the birds that have come to one of the feeders on the fence.

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