Thursday, March 3, 2011

Which one should we get??

I saw this car parked in Boone today with a 'for-sale' sign in the back window. I think it says 'Bel Air' on that silver panel.

This is the one we actually settled on today. I hope it works well!

This is the other van I drove (and it's a nice drive), but
it's a year older, rustier, not much difference in price, and
no 'bells and whistles' (extras... not as practical for me).


Samaymay & TaTa said...

is that like the windstar one we had all those years ago?

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

Pretty much--like the one that got us stranded four light-poles from home!!! (I just don't go out on days like that anymore---even for you!!!)

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