Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Monday--and that **** dog, Oliver has gone home (posted by Bogart Wrigley, the cat, today)

Georgy can finally relax into a 'full Monty' this morning after a Friday night/Saturday visit from Alex and his dog, Oliver. (Allison ran a marathon in Chicago for the weekend!)
This is the room I chose to remain in even AFTER the dog had gone home! I don't think the dog can jump this high, either, just in case he IS still wandering about the house.
Georgy wondering what I'm doing in the dryer. Georgy says it's safe to come out and play again.
That small 'bean was here, too, with some other adults on Saturday to party for mema's birthday. That sticky 'bean has gotten bigger since last we met. He's probably not over chasing us, though!

(Izaac, Alex and Oliver)

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