Sunday, May 27, 2012

 Aunt Mary and Grandma Walker spend the afternoon on the deck
at Aunt Mary's lake cabin (Lake View, Iowa), and our 
'crowd' joined them!
 This is Oliver, Alex & Allison's dog, resting on Ann & Don's porch while
 the boys (John, Alex and Marty) scrub Aunt Mary's deck.
 Oliver, Allison, Alex, Samantha, Marty and Stig enjoy the 
 A dog and his boy?? Or is it a boy and his dog??  Marty trying to convince
 Stig that he'd LOVE the lake if he gave it a chance!!  (Stig is just 6 months old.)
There was a bad storm in Lake View last week, so Marty got up on Mary's and
Ann & Don's roofs to see if there was any damage (luckily, there wasn't!).

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