Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mema's new kitchen window installation!

I have a son-in-law who is VERY handy (has worked constructing houses and remodeling for several years...) and mema hasn't been able to see out of her kitchen window for some time.  Our great-nephew, Izaac, decided he'd help, too, after he finishes his mac and cheese on the ladder!

 So, Marty ordered the window and last week he went to Des Moines to install it, with a little help from the relatives.  That's my hubby, John, on the left, holding the window in place, and our nephew, Joe, handing the boys tools.
Here's the view now from the 'inside'.  


Alejamuel Sultz said...

Well, it’s great that you have a son-in-law that could help you install your new window. Installing a window is quite challenging, you have to be very careful and precise in fitting the new window into its place in such a way that the cold air would not be able to get in. I think the guys did a pretty good job with the installation. Kudos to them!

-Alejamuel Sultz

Unknown said...

Well done, boys! I’m glad that, even if they’re guys, they know the importance of having a kitchen window. And the fact that it’s a product of their collective effort makes it quite sweet. :D I remember we used to have this window growing up which was made by our dad. And I usually catch my mom smiling while looking at it. :)

-->Otis Kunkle

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