Saturday, June 29, 2013

Installing a new window at Grandma Walker's house 06 29 2013

On Thursday afternoon, we ventured to Sac City (IA) to replace the kitchen window in Grandma Walker's house. 
 Oliver got to play with his 'cousin', Stig, who came with his parents, Marty and Samantha (to HELP!!!/actually install the window!!!).
 Marty is the 'real' handyman in our family, and installed the window beautifully!  (After another trip back and forth from Sac City to Ft. Dodge because the window we had purchased and brought over to install was cracked!)
Debating who will do what??? Hurry up, guys.  It's getting dark!!!  
The completed window installed!!!   (We didn't get home very early.... oh well.)

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