Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving at mema's November 29, 2013

 Reed is enjoying turkey delivered by Aunt Amanda and Grandma Shirley. 
 Izaac sat between Asher and Ava at the 'kid table'.  (Asher and Ava are siblings and friends of Joe's, not actually cousins of Izaac's).
 I was attempting to get a picture of the table with all the delicious food on it my mom made! (John made the dinner rolls but had to get on a train and didn't get to spend the day with us.)
 Another attempt at the table/food before the hungry crowd makes it disappear! (mom is at the far end with mashed potatoes in her hand... not her favorite food, either.)
Great-great Uncle Charlie holding Miss Harper, now 4 weeks old!

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