Thursday, February 13, 2014

Well, back to the furry children.... February 13, 2014

Since our new granddaughter, Olivia, has mostly been under the 'tanning' lights for her touch of jaundice, we haven't had a good picture of her without her goggles lately.  (That's Patrick helping me sort fabric.)
 It's been VERY cold here lately, and the furry children have been doing bunches of this.... (that's Queen)
 It feels like they're trying to hibernate until it's warmer. That's Bogie in the box.
 Ron and Pat lazing around on the couch.....
 More Ron and Pat lazing on the couch....with Gracie on the back of the couch.
 Ron's pretty white tummy is shining in the sun.
Gracie sleeping through the winter....or is that Patrick???  

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