Friday, March 21, 2014

Intruders and spring March 21, 2014

 If you look close, The tail and part of the face of the big orange and white cat shows through the bushes (and the window I was taking the picture through...). There was a siamese-looking one with him, but it was pretty skittish.
 This one was quite pretty, but we've never seen this one around the neighborhood before a couple of days ago.  It has moved on (hopefully).
 This is the one who looks so much like Gracie (only smaller) it was a little spooky.
 He (it??) was brave enough to come to the windows and John saw them on the patio together (not fighting) yesterday afternoon. Haven't seen him today, but not sure he's really gone from the neighborhood....
They make my cats CRAZY!  They get nervous, start picking on each other, and acting like they're wild, too!  I hate strays.  We borrowed a live trap and set it the other night with a bowl of cat food, but nothing was in it by morning.... oh well.

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