Monday, April 7, 2014

Last week in review at Camp Stanhope April 7, 2014

 The littlest interloper has not given up, partly because I gave in and fed him a few times.... He's very friendly, but still driving some of the inside kitties crazy.  (Ron does NOT like him, but Grace hasn't bothered him too much.  Bogie is still yowling at him but Patrick just avoids him.)
 Ron and Patrick cuddling while watching the Cubs game last week (they lost!).
 Friday morning we woke up to this!!!  There was a layer of ice under it, too.
 Friday mid-day and the snow was melting, slowly.
 Patrick, Ron and Bogie on the deck, which hopefully will be replaced/rebuilt this summer!!! We think this deck is close to 40-45 years old (before we lived here!!).
I finished this the week before last, but haven't showed it off here yet.  I received these fabric pieces from my 'heart sister' at church (like a secret Santa, but not at Christmas)

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