Saturday, May 3, 2014

Izaac's big day! May 3rd, 2014

Izaac has been playing 'wee-ball'.  It's for boys in-between t-ball and regular baseball (boys pitching to boys when they're up to bat). So I drove to Des Moines to see him play ball.  He does really well!
Our great-nephew, Izaac, will turn 7 years old on May 5th, and his parents (Amanda/Billy) through him a GREAT party at his house today. 
 There was an attempt to get a picture of all the children (at the same time!!) that were in attending the party, but it didn't go very smoothly.
The weather was pretty nice compared to what we've experienced this past week!
During the sprinkles that arrived during the party, Izaac's cousin Reed (son of Michelle/Neal) 
Mema made 'dirt cups' for the crowd, estimated at 32 adults and 9 kids (think there might have been more of both there???). 

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