Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A weekend with the Granddaughter! November 18, 2014

My mom had never visited Beaver Dam (Wisconsin) since my son and his wife (Alex and Allison) moved there a couple of years ago. So she rode with us this past weekend. Miss Olivia REALLY loved seeing mema (her great-grandma) again!
 Saturday morning she was pretty chipper, but has battled her first ear infection recently and had been up for a little while in the night complaining to her father.
This is how she spent part of Saturday afternoon, even after a 3 hour nap!  She loved snuggling with Great-grandma.
Monday morning and ready to rumble!  Olivia showing off her new snow boots (she lives in WISCONSIN--and they have LOTS of snow and Celebrate it!!).  She was feeling MUCH better on Sunday, but we didn't take nearly as many pictures as usual.... oh well.

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