Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween pictures of Olivia and her cousins November 1, 2015

 My niece, Amanda, and her two kids, Izaac (who went as the Big Bad Wolf, but the mask scared his sister!) and Audrey, who went as Little Red Riding Hood.
 My nephew, Brian, and his son, Anthony, as 'minions', Izaac and Brian's older son, Blake, who went as a Ninja warrior.

 Audrey and her cousin, Harper, who was a candy-corn witch (hat somewhere else at the time of this picture).  Behind them is Izaac and Audrey's dad, Billy.
Miss Olivia (our granddaughter) as a 'pink' turtle, with cape, green pants and her favorite pink cowboy boots!
 Olivia's cape..... going to a door for trick or treats.
Anthony (minion), Reed (Michelle's son) as a power ranger, Izaac minus the wolf mask, Blake (ninja) and Audrey.  Harper didn't cooperate for picture-taking apparently.

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Miriam Carlson said...

Yay!!! New pictures! How fun!

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