Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Dad!!

 My dad turned 88 yesterday (2/15/2018) and this is him last Sunday holding the newest great-grandchild, Wyatt (Sam and Marty's new baby, born 5 weeks early on 1/30/2018).
 It was a baby-admiring weekend in Des Moines last weekend when Alex/Allison brought their two kids (Olivia, who turned 4 last Saturday, and five-month old Max) to Iowa to meet Wyatt.  (My mom is on the left, Sam, holding nephew Max and Allison holding her nephew Wyatt.)
 Grandpa John and 'his boys'; Max and Wyatt
 The youngest Great-grandchildren:  Max, Adeline (5 months old), Olivia and Wyatt.
Adeline and Wyatt.... there's a little difference in size, too (and age....).

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AnnWS said...

A lot of babies! Fun pics. Happy Birthday to Bill. He's looking quite hipster-ish! :-)

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