Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 3, 2018 Just another day....

 The Minnesota "Walker" clan (my son, Alex, Allison, Max and Olivia) in LaValle, WI, taking in one more boat ride for the year.  (Yes, it was COLD!)
 At day care yesterday, Max (13 months) whipped off his pants and used them for a pillow.  Sometimes he barely sleeps while at day care, but apparently yesterday he was ready for a nap!
 Olivia (4 1/2 years old) in her preschool room.
My other grandson, Wyatt (son of Samantha and Marty) is now 8 months old and a very jovial boy!  He's crawling the 'right' way now and gets around pretty fast.
 My mom feeding Wyatt last Sunday at her house.  He was almost asleep, so she didn't want to maneuver him differently on her lap... he's almost outgrown her lap!!!
 My son-in-law, Marty, with his son, Wyatt, on a blankie on 9/23 at Little Wall Lake.  Marty wanted to teach Olivia to hold worms for fishing (which she did!).  They caught a few small fish and threw them back into the lake for another day.
 Marty, Wyatt, Olivia, Max and Allison on the blankie at the lake.  I REALLY love it when I can see all 3 of my grandkids together.  "My cup runneth over."

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The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Thank you for coming to visit us. These are very cute pictures!"
Chaplin: "And as for sleeping at day care while using your pants as a pillow, take it from a cat -- when it's time to nap, it's time to nap!"

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