Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boating on Little Wall Lake

This is Alex (our son) and Izaac (our great-nephew) driving Grandpa Markey's boat on Little Wall Lake yesterday. The weather was spectacularly PERFECT (not too hot or cold or windy like some days in the past when we've gone).

This is our first boating outing of the summer, because of the floods in Des Moines and then the boat was having some problems with 'missing' (whatever that is). So (my) dad bought a couple of new parts and put them on (apparently saying some bad words about the motor design during the repairs) and it worked!

(the water in the Des Moines river is down due to construction of a new pedestrian bridge.)

This is a 17-second video of Grandpa Markey driving his own boat on Little Wall Lake.

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