Monday, January 12, 2009

Blizzards here and there....

There's a blizzard warning out for us today. Yesterday didn't turn out very nice, either, with the blowing snow, etc. There's a big SUV on its side in the ditch less than a mile south of here on the highway.
New Hampshire was having blizzard conditions the other day, and there's a great slideshow of pictures taken by the U-Mass women's hockey team (involved in the accident) here.

This is a picture of the little girl (Katrina) I did a "Postal Petunia" for in Paraguay. It's like a 'Flat Stanley' they do in our elementary school. The children color a picture and send it to someone so they can take pictures of places the children don't travel to themselves.
Our niece, Rachel, the Peace Corps Volunteer, started a little group for teenage girls (like a 'girl-scout' troup), and that's the project they worked on recently. I hope the pictures I took and the explanations made sense to 'Katrina'.

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