Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow pics on our road...for Jeter's curiosity

This picture is looking east from the highway towards our house (on the left side of this road). It has snowed almost EVERY day this past week. Fortunately, it hasn't added too much in height/accumulation (it flurried several days, but all day long at least two of those days). But when it wasn't snowing, the wind was blowing the snow around, making some roads really nasty!

This view is from my car window--literally--to show how high the drift had gotten!

We had over a foot of snow on the ground to date (since Christmas, because it was almost gone due to 50 degree temps on 12/27). Today (Saturday) was warmer than it has been, but only got to 38 here, and this afternoon was windy. So, the pile may have gone down a little, but it didn't disappear.... too bad.


Chesney Cats said...

And Mama was complaining about the 3-4 inches of snow we had!! She is such a baby! Ours melted all away today. Mama says she's glad cause she hates to drive in it.....not that she drives much better on dry roads!!

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

And here I was complaining about it being 65

Thanks for purring and praying for Moki!

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