Thursday, March 26, 2009

College Graduation Day is coming???

We have two kids in Des Moines at college at Grand View. Now it's actually Grand View University since they just added a graduate program in a couple of majors. They will both be graduating on April 25th (they'd better BOTH be!!).

All the money and payments we've made (and will make for another ?? years, too) will come to an end in a ceremony in Des Moines. I've been looking forward to this day since before they were in preschool (it feels like that anyway). Since they started kindergarten we've been telling them they had to go to college and graduate so they didn't have to end up in icky jobs for the rest of their lives (and maybe support us in OUR old age).

Samantha already has a full-time job at Grand View, and Alex has tentatively taken a resident assistant job in Waseca, MN. Their futures are full of opportunity and adventure (at least I hope they are!!). Samantha has one more class to finish this summer still (that wasn't offered during this past school year when she could take it.)

Above, that's a picture of Samantha at the Hamilton County Relay for Life meeting last week (watching Izaac so I could do the 'survivor's speech', and that's an old picture of Alex at Christmas, 2007. Need to get this posted before Blogger has a scheduled outage!!!..

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Baumhover Adventures said...

ok thats a terrbile picture of me and that picture of alex is more than christmas of 2007, i didnt have that long of hair back then and neither did alex

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