Monday, May 11, 2009

Izaac's family birthday party in Des Moines 5/10/09

Izaac on his new 'bike' with training wheels. It's a Radio Flyer and can adjust as he gets bigger. He loved it. He loved EVERY present. (Yes, that's the big red truck behind him, with Samantha's friend, Sara, helping Izaac.)

Izaac blowing out candles on his funfetti cake. (Cousin Joe holding him maybe a little too close, as he singed some eyelashes on one eye.)

Izaac got a new 'Harley Davidson' set of wheels that goes with 'foot power'.

This is the bedspread I made Izaac with his favorite book material, Eric Carle's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". On the back I put the Jungle Babies fabric that matches the curtains I made him for his bedroom in Des Moines.

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Anonymous said...

Izaac had a really good birthday, didn't he?! Wow!

Did we read right on your profile? You adopted 5 orphaned kittens last year? Wow! That entitles you to "Rescue of the year" in our book!

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