Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's been a busy couple of weeks, & it's still going!

The last couple weeks has been really busy! I've been in a parade (throwing candy, too!), walked for Relay for Life, distributed food for Angel Food Ministries (at our church during Watermelon Days last Saturday), visited someone in Rockwell City last weekend, been to the State H.S. softball tournament in Ft. Dodge, boated a couple of times (including an afternoon with my newly-engaged daughter and her 'fiance'),and drove to Carroll to see Samantha's new environment (work and house).

Tomorrow we will be hosting Samantha and Marty's birthdays with as many relatives coming as are available, and next weekend is the Montag Reunion! Oh my. I didn't have my camera at many of these events, so Samantha's new kitchen got the showcase today (above).

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