Sunday, October 18, 2009

Patrick is back from his 'walkabout'...

Patrick went outside on Tuesday about 5:30pm, and disappeared until last night a midnight! We had just about given up on him, but I had put the patio light on one more night, just in case. He was hardly dirty (surprisingly, with the rain and fields around us), a little skinnier and VERY happy to see us. He couldn't seem to get too many squeezes, and he had the loudest purr we've ever heard.

It was Queen (pictured below on top of the cupboard) who wasn't too pleased about it (he chases her several times a day). Samantha and Marty had planned on adopting Ron & Patrick on Saturday, but took Ron & Georgy instead. Patrick seems to be looking for Ron today, and Samantha will exchange Georgy for Patrick next weekend.

This is just a 20-second video of Izaac dancing to Craig Morgan's "Bonfire".

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