Friday, October 23, 2009

YOU'RE going to "Daughtry"??

My daughter kept repeating this phrase when she found out the news. I said, "You can keep saying it, but it won't change the fact." My friend, Kim, is a big fan, and I like his voice and some of his songs, too, so she talked me into going to Ames last Thursday evening to see the concert. It was a nasty night for weather, but a good concert and we had great seats! (We were not the OLDEST people there, either, Samantha!)

Lucy--out of focus, on the last nice day we had this fall!

Gracey, posing for the camera.

Bogart Wrigley showing his beautiful panther side of himself (he weighs about 18 pounds so it's easy to tell him apart from George & Gracey).

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