Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun, and not-so-fun

Christmas came early for the 6 furry cats at our house when the "man in brown shorts" (although he was probably wearing wool-lined long pants this week!) brought the "Fling ama string" yesterday. This is Queen (the 10-year old) and Gracie (1 1/2 years old) playing with it together. Queen rarely gets this close to ANY of the other furry kids, unless she's chasing Noel.

This is the new 'outside' cat that has found its way to our house several times this past summer, and now a couple of times since it has been cold and snowy.

I actually let the 'orange boy' in because Bogie was headed for the door at the same time the 'orange boy' came to the door looking for lunch. The 'orange boy' hasn't really bothered the cats (chasing them, etc.). But Bogie starts yowling really loud and chases the 'orange boy' around the yard when he sees him.

1 comment:

Baumhover Adventures said...

so u ever gonna name "the orange boy"

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