Friday, June 25, 2010

Cousins' pictures of the cousins weekend....

Front row: Margaret (my cousin), Samantha (my daughter) and Ben, (Bob's younger son). Back row: Shirley holding Izaac (my sister and her grandson), our Uncle Charlie, me (poking my head in between, my mom (U. Charlie's little sister) and my brother, Bob. We're missing a couple more people that were there that day, but it's an okay group picture.

Izaac posing with the ladder golf game Samantha got for a wedding present.

David (my cousin and Margaret's younger brother), our Uncle Charlie, and Alex (my son) solve the world's problems (or just discussing the differences in beer!).

David and my dad (David's 'uncle Bill') Not sure how they got my dad in a picture actually looking like he knows the camera is there! (He's not always cooperative in this regard.)

Alex, Allison (who will soon be Alex's WIFE!!), and Samantha.

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