Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last week was busy! This week--a new roof!

We went to Ben's (nephew) baseball game in Boone last Friday evening (he plays for Hoover in Des Moines). It was a hot evening, but sunny and great for a ball game.

That's Ben playing shortstop. He did a GREAT job. He made at least three outs by throwing ground-hit balls to first, and backed up several other plays. (I lost count of the throws to first.)

Below isn't Ben, but I just like the shot of the pitcher I captured with the camera!

The roof crew will be here at some point today (possibly just setting things up and delivering materials) to take off 3 layers of shingles (back to 1920 when the house was built!) and put boards and etc. up for the new roof and additional gutters and downspouts that will be installed.

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