Thursday, August 12, 2010

So, today I was babysitting....

Sometimes people ask me how I fill some of my days (since the weddings are over now), and today was an interesting one.

I spent the morning at our church printing the newsletter for the remainder of August and September (which had about 8 inches of water in the basement area AGAIN yesterday morning).

Then I was gone running errands for a couple of hours. When I drove into the garage and tried to get out of the truck, there was a medium-sized dog who tried to get IN the truck. I didn't recognize the dog, and then the goat made his presence known, also.

I made some phone calls and left some REALLY interesting messages on the message machines I got, and then phoned the neighbor around the corner, who knew instantly who the 'wandering duo' belonged to (their neighbors across the road from them!).

This is an 18-second video of the goat making big noises because he'd lost his buddy (Sam, the dog, who had wandered into our back yard). The goat was silent as long as the dog was in sight. Thanks to the neighbors who came and retrieved them!

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