Saturday, August 21, 2010

The week in review--go Ben!!!

I won't reprint the pictures the Des Moines Register took of my nephew in his first outing (of the season) as quarterback of his Hoover H.S. football team Friday evening, but I can show this link to click on.

He's in pictures #6, *14 & #18. Hang in there, Ben. According to the preview article in the same paper (two days before that) YOU are "Player to WATCH"!!! Click on this link to see that article.

The mower that Samantha 'broke' last weekend is now working again--it was just over-abuse of the belt in high, damp grass!

It didn't actually storm this week, but sometimes it looks like this (above) out our window. This picture was taken on 8/10/2010. (Clicking on the picture will make it bigger.)

Six months ago on 2/10/2010, it looked like THIS on our road!

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