Friday, November 19, 2010

The Camp Stanhope kitties...

The weather is turning cooler in our neighborhood, and the kitties at this house don't like it. They believe the old adage "if you want change in the Iowa weather, wait ten minutes!". (So they will go out for 5 minutes, come back in, and whine to go back out in a few more minutes--believing the weather has changed!)

Gracie decided to explore the new shingles on the roof.

She whined a few minutes, but then came down on her own.

Bogie decided to wait by the newly-filled bird feeders to see if any birds would 'drop by'.

Lucy helped me pack the first box of goodies we sent to Marty (new son-in-law), who is now in Afghanistan with his National Guard outfit. (Yes, there's a clutter around her, but I'm working on it!)

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

I am in and out all day and night, it's just a cat thing.

Poppy Q

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