Saturday, June 18, 2011

Views of my yard this past week!

This evening, while I was on the phone, this medium-sized deer wandered past our house on the gravel road, just like it was out for nice evening stroll.

In the 'north 40' part of our yard (we only have 3 acres, but that's what we've dubbed the 'area'....) the wind damage to this tree was amazing (happened Monday, 6/13) after the fifteen minute thunder shower we experienced.

It looked like the branches twisted off and broke. It was ferociously windy for about 30 minutes AFTER the storm (on Monday, the 13th).

There were two huge branches that fell directly under the tree (onto the pile of old telephone poles that have been there since before we moved here-which will be 14 years on 6/27!).

Bogart traveled to the 'north 40' with us to examine the damage.

This squirrel ran up this tree, and then turned and looked at me and several cats who happened to be looking back out at him. He left in a hurry and we haven't seen it since.

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