Monday, November 28, 2011

Gracie inspects the Christmas Tree!

Samantha and Marty were here visiting yesterday, and Samantha insisted we put the Christmas Tree up and decorate even though I warned her that the last time we had it up, the 'orphan-kitties' (the kittens we took in three years ago) lived IN it at various heights.
Gracie was bravest while Samantha and Marty were still here (Georgey does not show himself when we have company), and Queen and Bogart spent the afternoon alternately keeping Marty's chest warm while he watched a football game.

We only have two of the 'orphans' living here now, so it's probably worth trying it this year. (Pat & Ron live at Samantha's, and Suzy lives with Mema)
The tree doesn't actually look too bad, considering some of the branches were bent the wrong way (from the kittens living in it) when we took it out of the box! Some of the branches need a little more fluffing or relaxation time before they make the tree look more real.

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