Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 in Des Moines, part 2

From left: John, mema (my mom), Allison, Alex, and nephew Will--who doesn't 'belong' in that crowd, but rode the Megabus from Chicago to Des Moines that day so he could spend Christmas in Sac City the next day. Samantha and Allison provided the 'car service' and retrieved him from the bus station.
Alex and Will mugging for the camera (below).
Allison liked her new watch! (below)
Alex in his 'caped crusader' shirt. (below)
Grandpa M. (my dad) showing off his great sherpa-lined shirt from Margie & Bob (who are sitting there on the loveseat behind him).
Dad discovered I had taken a picture, so he wanted me to take one of his self-haircut while Bob and Margie try not to laugh! Dad thinks he's SO FUNNY!
Marty holding little Blake.
Marty and John mugging for the camera (I think Samantha took this picture with my camera...).
Marty and Uncle Charlie watching Samantha open a present.
Sam & Allison opening identical gifts from Santa with Marty and Will (who didn't get any presents at this house because we didn't know he'd be there quick enough!) looking on.

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