Friday, February 3, 2012

Ray the raccoon, and Blake & Izaac at mema's last Sunday...

My dad has a habit of feeding the wildlife that wanders through his yard, including a raccoon he affectionately calls "Ray", and Ray's family, and the squirrels and the birds (he hates crows, though). For his birthday, I'm attempting a wall-hanging called "Winter Critters" from Quiltmaker magazine. I'll post a picture if it turns out okay! (This is "Ray"...)
Blake, always on the move, heading for Izaac, who's being teased by 'uncle' Marty last Sunday... (9-second video)
Blake on his mom's lap. That's Michelle with Izaac on her lap and Shirl (Michelle's mom, and Blake and Izaac's grandma) on the loveseat behind Blake and his mom, Nicole.

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Recumbent Ramblings said...

Love the wall hanging!! Can't wait to see it finished

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