Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waseca (MN) to Beaver Dam (WI) trip

John spent the weekend helping Alex & Allison move!
Alex is student teaching until May, so he won't actually be moving yet, but Allison has moved to Beaver Dam.
They loaded up two trailers on Saturday and headed to Beaver Dam on Sunday. Fortunately, the weather cooperated (for February, that's a good thing!).

That's the two trucks (Allison's dad's blue truck and John's 'big red truck') making the trip to Beaver Dam.
I think this is a some kind of lodge in LaCrosse, but they didn't actually stay here. John was taking pictures out the truck window!

1 comment:

Recumbent Ramblings said...

Ok...beaver dam isn't any closer to Stanhope....but congrats to them on their new move/job(s)

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