Friday, July 26, 2013

Stig visits Camp Stanhope 07 26 2013

One of the few pictures I have of our grand-dog still enough to be photographed (outside, at least!). 
 This is the 'normal' picture of Stig outside, running almost non-stop the whole time and loving every piece of the almost 3 acres of grass we own!
 Nice picture of the west side of the yard yesterday in the early morning hours (Stig is an early-riser!  This morning he got up at 5:03 a.m.!!!  Oh well.)
Stig has been VERY good with the cats at our house (he has Grace's siblings, Pat & Ron, living with him at his own house, so he's used to kitties).  Here's Gracie plodding through the yard even though Stig is outside playing too.

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Muddy said...

Its such a pretty green day and everyone looks happy to be outside on your 3 acres.

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