Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another dull week at our house April 11, 2015

 It's April in Iowa, so some days are nice and some days are WINDY!  The furry children still have a view of the outside world, even on days they choose not to venture outside.
 This is actually a little rare that all 5 of the furry kids will eat the same thing (people tuna from a can) and they will eat at the same time.  From left, Watson (10 months old), Gracie, Bogart (10 years old), Patrick and Ron.  Gracie, Patrick and Ron are siblings and almost 7 years old now.
 Watson was very proud to bring this garter snake to the patio so the other furry kids could admire her hunting technique.
Ronny, relaxed and sleeping!  
Here come Patrick (left) and Ron (right) to inspect the garter snake last Sunday.
Watson soaking up the sun on the patio steps.

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