Monday, December 17, 2007

Is it frosting?

It looked like somebody took a mega power-washer and blew white frosting all over the trees this morning in our yard (and our whole region). Man, now I understand why some people want their Christmas tree 'flocked'. I didn't used to think it was a reasonable thing to do: take a perfectly good evergreen and make it white??? Why--it's really beautiful that's why.

Alex home from college this afternoon, so I'm making him a work list. He started a job on the weekends in Des Moines for a resident house for "Childserve". He did it this past weekend for the first time, from 6am to 11pm both days. There are two people always in the house with the 4 residents (these were teenagers) and they cook for them, too. They have a rest period in the afternoon of about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, so there's a little break from them. He liked it, of course. I shouldn't be surprised. It seems like two long days to me. I'm glad there are people (like him) who like to do this kind of work.

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Anonymous said...

u should work on your cropping and not have the lil red truck in that picture, its pretty though

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