Saturday, December 15, 2007

Starting to communicate?

Izaac arrived here Wednesday evening, and we took him back to Des Moines yesterday. He's trying to say something, I think, by making O's with his mouth. I've been trying to get him to say 'hi', and I think a couple of times he's said "hey" at the right moment. His mom is trying to get him to say 'momma', but she only heard a 'duh' a couple of times.

I've been trying to figure out what Santa still needs to find/buy for Christmas, so the wrapping paper is out (we're a little short on it because I didn't get to shop last year too much!!) and I've got things spread into two rooms of the house! The cats aren't helping much when they lay on things I'm looking for or try and help 'cut' the wrapping paper! oh well.

**fyi--Izaac pic a little dark, so click on it and look, and then hit the 'back' arrow button to return to the blog--those "Tidy Cat" containers have bird food in them behind Izaac--not cat litter! That's Bogart Wrigley looking at the squirrel outside eating the bird food....

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