Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here it comes!

The new upright freezer (Frigidaire 20.3 cubic ft.) was just delivered. Thank those guys at Lowe's!!!

John thinks the freezer may have died earlier than today, but yesterday was the first day it was above freezing since 11/19/07, so we just didn't notice. He got pork chops out for supper last night out of the interior of the freezer (not the door) and they were still frozen solid, so it couldn't have been dead for too many days. oh well. later now!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for including our Lowe's Team in your blog. Its always a pleasure to help out a customer in such a desperate time such as your freezer quitting on you.

Jim Mori
Store Manager
Ames, Iowa

Anonymous said...

wow thats crazy.....didnt know they had someone to comment on ur blog!

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