Sunday, January 27, 2008

Izaac visiting Sac City (Iowa)

This is a picture of Izaac and Kathy (John's sister) at Mary's house in Lake View. John, Samantha, Izaac and I went over yesterday to visit, since Kathy and Ann (John's other sister) came from Minnesota for the weekend.

We went to Grandma Walker's fabric store to start with and had sandwiches for lunch and then went shopping to Details, Giftique and Duckwall's. Everybody travelled to Lake View (10 miles south of Sac City) and John grilled a pork loin roast on the grill.

Except for the blown tire on the Sable, (so we had to drive back the 75 miles on the fake/spare) it was a fun day and Izaac was delightful (as usual). Samantha took Izaac back to Des Moines today, which worked out great so I didn't have to be on the highway with that weird tire again. Tomorrow--to the tire store!

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