Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Izaac's cute legs video (58 seconds long)

This is a video of Izaac testing out those cute legs leaning on the kitchen patio door window while Uncle Johnny is cooking (I can't remember what we had, but it sounds like he's chopping something, and I can hear the clothes dryer going in the background, too.).

He gets around pretty quickly on all four's, but has started 'walking' while holding on to things, like the coffee table, couch, etc. I've seen him stand on his own for a minute or so at a time (sometimes he stands until he realizes he's not leaning on something, and then crumbles to the floor).


Anonymous said...

ok ur cat things are weird and the video doesnt show up on mine

Anonymous said...

it doesnt lemme see the video either!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA i love how he really thinks that hes gnna get that scoop away to go somewhere! SOON ENOUGH HES NOT JUS BE STANDIN THERE HES GNNA BE EVERYWHERE CANT WAIT ITS GNNA BE FUN!! the video where ur outside you can jus see how bad he wants to get outta that stroller!! o by the way what are these virtual cat things the noel one yea kina freaks me out!!

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