Friday, April 25, 2008

We're all tired of the cold, okay? Enough is enough!

This is a picture looking east out of the kitchen door this morning. We had about an inch of rain since midnight. But since there was rain BEFORE midnight, and two nights ago we had about an inch, our yard is a bunch of puddles surrounded by green grass.

It was 60 degrees this morning, and now is 38 with winds blowing 30-45 mph, making the windchill 26! Spring weather in Iowa isn't usually this cold for this long. I'm ready for yard work and planting, and I know the farmers are itching to get into their fields, so let's have a day or two of NO RAIN. Thanks for listening!!

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23 Things said...

Hey--really bad spring weather here. A friend and I started out to a conference yesterday and had to bail off I-94 at Alexandria and stay overnight. Stuck here another (!) night. Good thing we get along:-) Our event was cancelled. At least we have HBO and Showtime (watching the end of John Adams). Glad we were together but wish we had our craft supplies.

There are 18" of snow up north and 94 is closed (since last night) to Moorhead. Still snowing and blowing up to 43mph. So....when does it end??!!

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