Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here comes the rain AGAIN!!!

I don't mind rain, but these nasty storms and tornadoes in this state are starting to annoy me. The wind just came up to 45-60 mph, and it has hailed very small stones for about 3 minutes. The lightning has been going for a couple of hours.

Alex drove up today, and he used the chain-saw to cut off the broken branch in back and cut it up so we could move it out of the path of mowing for now. There was no way we could drive the little red truck back there today (we'd have gotten stuck) and we couldn't drag it to the burning pile because it was pretty big, and there were tons of whirly-birds on it still (it's a locust, like others in the yard). The leaves and whirly-bird things were so wet, it made the branches even heavier to move.

oh well, weather in Iowa?? this too, shall pass...

1 comment:

Buckwheat Snapp said...

Sounds like you have crazy weather there. The wind blows alot here, but no hail or lightnings. Just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog.


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